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Gutter Services in Rockwall

Protect Your Roof, Siding & Foundation from Water Damage

Even though gutters are not the flashiest part of a residence, they serve a crucial purpose. When extreme rainstorms hit, as they often do in Texas, gutters direct excess water away from the building. To keep them working properly, it is a good idea to seek out trustworthy gutter services in Rockwall. Here at My Father’s Business Contracting, we are ready to thoroughly prepare any home or business for the upcoming rain.

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Preparing for New Gutters 

Before a gutter can be installed in a home, several preparations need to be made. First, the gutter needs to be the right size. This refers to both the gutter’s length as well its diameter, or width if the gutter is rectangular. If the gutter is not correctly sized, it will not do its job in carting away extra leaves, muck, and rainwater. It is also important to think carefully about the types of materials used for the gutters, which must be both attractive and functional. Although gutters hang below the roof, they are still highly visible. Homeowners should determine which kind of gutter matches the style of the rest of the house before starting the installation. 

What Happens During a Gutter Installation

Once the gutters have been selected, it is time to get started on the actual installation. Because gutter installations can be quite complex, it is important to entrust them to professionals. Experts will help to make sure that the gutter hangers are not spaced incorrectly. The gutters also have to be sloped or “pitched” well to drain the excess water. The downspouts must be placed in locations that would not dump water all over the backyard and lawn. Throughout the whole process, a professional will be able to check that there are not too many seams. This is because multiple seams could make the gutter have less integrity, especially during harsh storms.

Learning When Gutters Need Repairs

Gutters are built to be very durable, however, lots of debris and muck can eventually block them up. After extensive blockages, the gutters may start to crack and leak. It is important to have these systems repaired as quickly as possible. This will keep the foundation, siding, fascia, and trim safeguarded from water damage. 

Some of the most common signs of gutter trouble include:

  • Siding and fascia that are covered with brown watermarks, streaks, spots, and other stains
  • Gutters that are sagging and drawing away from the property
  • Peeling paint or siding that is scratched
  • Gutters that have been cleaned out but still accumulate water
  • Places where the gutters appear to be cracking or gathering rust

To make sure that the gutters are repaired effectively, speak to our dependable professionals at My Father’s Business Contracting.

Give our team a call today at (972) 645-6077 or speak to us online to discover more gutter services in Rockwall.

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